Helping retailers provide a frictionless customer experience, whilst optimising store operations

Create a new retail experience

Serve more customers faster with SelfPOS QSR, Let SelfPOS help you engineer a new retail experience across your QSR brand.

Point of Sale

Custom POS integration allows for immediate tracking of purchases globally across the brand regardless of POS

Increase Customer Spend

Increase customer spend by automatically assigning VIPs to your top sales staff based on a sophisticated rules-based system

Global Data Store

All data captured globally across the brand is safely and securely stored across a distributed global data store


Reduce store size without decreasing throughput


Freeing up staff and creating Human Resource Efficiencies


Providing an emotional link between customers and brands, making them feel “part of the club”

It's about the experience

With the tap of a phone, your customers can order, pay via their preferred mobile wallet, and receive loyalty rewards.

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